Sam is crazy talented. A natural born songwriter with a gift for playing guitar and singing from his soul. He does both incredibly well and you believe every note. Not bad with a crowd either :)”

— Arion Salazar, bassist of Third Eye Blind

Sam has a beautiful voice, he reminds me of my friend Martin Sexton.”

— Dave Matthews, legendary singer-songwriter

F**k this bucket, f**k this street corner - Sam should be making millions of dollars!”

— Tracy Morgan, comedian

Sam Johnson's natural voice and sound are a breath of fresh air in this day and age.”

— Stephen Bradley, band member of No Doubt

Sam is one of the most complete rock musicians I've ever heard. ”

— Robert Gunter, Yahoo! Voices

Sam is an absolute pleasure to work with. Enthusiastic, talented and open to direction.”

— Topher Mohr, producer, writer, guitarist for Mayer Hawthorne

TOP 20 BAY AREA BANDS OF 2019: Bringing the super chill vibes and the polished pop sound, Sam gets romantic with your ears in this banger ("21") he released as a single at the end of 2019. Push play, but put some protection on your ears, they might get pregnant.”

Stefan Aronsen, writer for Broke Ass Stuart

About Sam Johnson's 'The City' - This, my friends, is the song MTV will use when they do establishing shots of the city in the next San Francisco iteration of either Catfish or The Real World, whichever comes first. And if it's not, well, more the fool them.”


If you’re 20 feet or more outside the city limits, this video by Sam Johnson will have you running back. The local musician’s catchy tune begging his lady to come home to 'The City' is the title track off Johnson’s album of the same name. Just about every neighborhood gets a shout-out as the singer attempts to persuade his gal to return from the woods, presumably far away from San Francisco. Close inspection suggests that “the woods” might actually be San Francisco’s Presidio, but who cares? We’re fans of the sweet love song.”

Time Out San Francisco

Sorry mate, it's a little loud. Trying to have a chat.”

— Roger Waters, Pink Floyd