Meet the Band

Sam Johnson

Lead Vocals & Guitar

Sam Johnson isn’t really that smart, but he’ll swear out loud he is a genius. That’s why after being fired from his job as a waiter he decided to go into the music business. Genius!
He wrote songs all the time, but didn't know where to play so he decided to play in the street at Fisherman's Wharf.

And it worked! People started buying his CDs. He claims to have sold 20,000 copies of his homemade discs on the sidewalks of San Francisco. 

Then one day someone offered Sam a job as the resident musician of The Ritz-Carlton. He was tired of playing outside so he took it. 

He looked good all cleaned up, and soon tech companies, wedding planners, and divorcées all over town began hiring him for fancy events. 

Eventually people started asking him to perform on real stages. Somehow he found himself on lineups with The Foo Fighters, Train, & Guns N Roses. Yes, Sam shared a bill with GnR. I was there, It was insane! 

Sam Johnson isn’t living the rockstar lifestyle he imagined as a teenager, but he says he’s ok with it. 

I asked him for a quote about his career and he said, “They were right. The music business is hard.” 

We’re all just happy he made it this far. 

- A Close Friend 

Michael Scott


Michael Scott looks like a rockstar, but he was voted “most responsible” in his high school yearbook. Safe to say he had some trouble getting dates back then, which is probably why he got so good at drums. Now the inbox of his dating apps is lit and we’re never late to a gig! What more could you ask for.

Tim Vickers

Bassist / Producer

Tim is a super talented producer and no doubt his beats will be heard. He's edgy and has a good ear for sound. He plays bass for SJ and is a great and long time friend.