$15,000 Worth of Gear STOLEN!

**** We also have two other support options listed below (T-shirt or hiring me for your event!) 

Link to GoFundMe page: Sam Johnson Go Fund Me

Coming back from playing one of the biggest gigs of my career, our car was broken into, and much of my and my crew's musical gear (accumulated over 10 years), laptop computers, iPad, recording equipment, and camera equipment were stolen. Unfortunately, insurance won't cover any of it and music is my only source of income. It's about $15,000 worth of equipment. 

It's been a rough few years. As a performing professional musician, COVID took away about 95% of my income in 2020. In 2021, I was able to get back on track a little bit and was booked for one of the biggest gigs of my career, BottleRock. Even though BottleRock was an amazing opportunity and experience, putting on the performance was a HUGE expense on its own (7 crew members + hotel stays and other expenses). I also got engaged just a few weeks ago. We have an upcoming wedding in February. While all these amazing experiences are converging, the downside is they all cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, this massive added expense is going to cripple me financially. With my gear taken, I can't create music or perform and the cost to pay for all of it will take a lot. 

Other Support Options: 

T-Shirts: We have shirt options for everyone. They're priced higher than what we would normally charge, but all proceeds go to supporting Sam and his crew to get new equipment. Check them out here: Sam Johnson Shirts 

Hire Sam for Live Events: Visit Sam Johnson Live Business Info for more details. Events will only be confirmed after he's been able to get new equipment. 

Details on what happened (pictures below): It happened in Oakland in broad daylight. We were driving back from BottleRock and stopped to get something to eat. We parked a block away from where we were eating, seemed like a decent area. In that time that we were gone, someone smashed the window and stole much of my livelihood. Music is my only source of income. It's what I've done all my adult life and it's my business.